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Walther PPK, PreWar, Crown/N, holster rig.

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High condition, high polish Walther PPK with finger extension magazine, spare magazine and Akah holster.  SN: 892170. Cal. 7.65mm.  Standard configuration Walther PPK with loaded indicator.  The left side of the slide is marked with Walther banner followed by modified two line address denoting Cal. 7.65mm and Mod. PPK.  The right side of the frame boss in the ejection port is proofed with Crown/N that is repeated on the slide and on the right side of the barrel near the muzzle.  The full SN appears on the right frame with the last three digits crudely scribed inside the slide.  Major components are salt blued with a fire blued safety.  Single piece brown mottled Walther banner grip.  High polish magazines have the left side marked with the Walther banner. Chocolate brown Akah stamped holster, inked “Walther PPK”, contains the spare magazine. Condition:  Approximately 97%-98% original salt blue with slight muzzle wear and thinning on each side of the trigger guard from having been in a holster .  Original fire blue on safety with sharp edge thinning.  Excellent grip with minimal bowing as typical for this era Walther.  Hairline crack extending from right screw.  No cracks on tang or the left side.  Comparable condition magazines and finger extension.  Mirror bore.  Perfect manual mechanics. Holster in VG – EX condition, that would clean up even better with a little polish. Intact stitching with no evident repairs. An extremely nice and complete Prewar Walther PPK rig.

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