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Walther PP, Early Wartime Commercial, As New in Box.

  • $ 3,49500

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Fabulous Walther PP, Hi Polish Eagle/N, virtually new in crisp matching box with all accessories.  SN:  167001P.  Cal:  7.65mm.  Standard configuration Walther PP with fixed front and drift adjustable rear sight.  Left side of matching slide with usual address.  Sixty degree red dot safety.  Eagle/N proof on exposed barrel shroud and repeated on slide.  Full serial number on right side of frame behind trigger.  Standard black plastic Walther banner grips.  Finger extension and flat base magazine with matte body having seven indicator holes whose left side is marked with the Walther banner.  Crisp original shipping box with gold imprinted lid and green/white shipping label.  Factory marked with the matching serial number.  Bright tin Walther banner cleaning box with bottle and unwrapped hair swab and yellow cloth.  Original cleaning rod still in original wrapper.  Condition:  Pistol with 99.9% original salt blue finish having the most minute marks.  Same superb condition applies to the front and back straps, grips, magazines and all accessories. Mirror bore.  Perfect manual mechanics. A singular opportunity to add a virtually as new early Wartime Commercial PP to your collection as it left the factory.  A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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