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Walther Model 6, super desireable!

  • $ 13,95000

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Large, impressive, and super desirable Walther Model 6 with original grips and magazine. SN:785. Cal:9mmP. Standard configuration Walther Model 6, single action blowback pistol, with 4.75″ bbl, fixed front sight and drift adjustable rear sight. The left side of matching slide is marked with a single line legend “Selbstlade-Pistol Cal 9 m/m. Walther’s-Patent” over Walther banner. Right side of slide marked “Carl Walther, Waffenfabrik, Zella St. Bl.”. C/N proofing over the exposed chamber and immediately below on the slide and frame. SN “785” on the right upper trigger guard. Hard rubber grip panels each with an encircled C/W at the upper portion. Elsewhere checkered with a generous border and secured with a single screw. Unmarked magazine with eight indicator holes. Original rust blue finish that has been applied to all major and most minor parts except the fire-blued extractor (old replacement) and the grip screws. The most desirable and largest of the numbered Walthers whose production was limited to about 1,000 pistols. CONDITION: Approximately 90-95% original rust blue with fading at sharp edges, back of slide, and front strap in areas of holster contact. Scattered defects in the left grip panel. Mirror bright bore and perfect manual mechanics. Sure to please any collector of Walther or rare automatic pistols. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! #A919.

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