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Swiss Bern K31/42 Sniper Rifle. #A-1148

  • $ 4,95000

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Fantastic, high condition K31/42 Sniper rifle with matching scope and magazine. SN: 450910. Cal. 7.5x55. Standard configuration and all matching sniper rifle having barrel length of 23”, an overall length of 43.5”, with 1.8 power optical sight coordinated with a graduated 1-10 sight bar, standard tangent sight graduated 1-15, straight pull bolt, detachable magazine, and metal butt plate. The left side of receiver is factory marked with the last three digits repeated at the end of the barrel where joined to the receiver and on the scope. Full serial number is on the bottom of the magazine. Standard varnished stock with the right side near the butt plate acceptance marked. Condition: Sparkling, crisp, all original sniper rifle with better than 98% original blue. Stock with only a few scattered dings as one might expect from a largely unused military rifle, especially after 75 years. Optics are slightly hazy, with sharp crosshairs, no defects. Bright mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. Although these guns turn up periodically, rarely in this condition. A truly superb example that should enhance any collection. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!  #A-1148

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