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Super Rare FRANCHI SPAS 15 Shotgun, as NIB.

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Extraordinarily scarce Franchi Spas 15 Shotgun, fewer than 200 imported, with select pump/semiautomatic option, having 20.5”barrel, detachable magazine and fixed buttstock in original shipping box. SN: SP00715. Cal: 12 gauge. Standard configuration SPAS 15 marked on left receiver with model and address in Bresia, Italy and serial number. “FRANCHI SPAS 15” stenciled in red and repeated for emphasis on each side of receiver. The barrel shroud with a red stenciled “AUTO” and “PUMP”. Pump-action mode is required to reliably fire low-pressure (less lethal) ammunition such as tear gas rounds or less lethal bean bags. Switching between firing modes is done by pressing a button above the foregrip, and sliding the foregrip slightly forwards or backwards. The barrel is chrome lined. Safety dentes marked “F” in red and “S” in white. Original magazine with “6 MAX” stenciled on each side of the magazine. Complete with brown cardboard shipping box with specifics detailed on end label. Four additional magazines. Condition: Virtually new with only the minor discernible storage scuffs. There is no noticeable wear on the bolt and only the most minimal wear on the most frictional surfaces of the magazine. Mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. Tattered, all original shipping box. Very, very seldom offered for sale, especially in this configuration and in “as new” condition. A real GEM! A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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