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Smith & Wesson 1913, Near New. #A-1127

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Extremely high condition S&W 1913, one of only 8350 pistols made between 1913-1921. SN: 6103. Cal: .35 S&W. Standard configuration M1913 with fixed front sight and grooved rear sight. Caliber notation on left side of barrel. Usual S&W logo on left tang. Top strap marked with three lined patent address. Unusual design, borrowed from FN 1900, with recoil spring above barrel. Slide with spring plunger disconnect and broad serrations. Small safety on backstrap in addition to grip safety on front strap. Smooth varnished grips. Each with the S&W escutcheon near the top secured with single screw at bottom. Original S&W magazine drilled with six indicator holes and fixed unmarked floorplate. Condition: 99+% bright original blue. A few tiny flecks of discoloration on slide serrations right side. Surface of varnish has small mars, likely a reaction from having been in contact with the wrong kind of plastic during storage. Mirror bright bore. Perfect manual mechanics. It would be very difficult to upgrade this one short of finding one NIB.  A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! #Inv# A-1127.

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