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SIG P210-1 Commercial, Early, Excellent. #I-207

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Excellent P210-1 Commercial with high polish finish, checkered slide release and wood serrated grips. SN: P52202. Cal. 9mmP. Standard configuration P210-1 with drift adjustable front and rear sight. The left side of the slide is marked with the full serial number followed by the encircled SIG logo. The full serial number and Swiss proof is on the left rail and repeated on the right side of the exposed chamber. Slide with high polish blue. Same attention to detail has been applied to the frame that has a slight plum tone and is marked with the usual white highlighted “S” and red highlighted “F”. The barrel, hammer, slide release and trigger are in the white. Light walnut grips, serrated in the usual military pattern, secured with a single transverse screw. High polish magazine with typical cross polishing lines at the base. Condition: The pistol is excellent, with sharp edge wear consistent with holstering as shown in the numerous close-up images. Grips have most of the original varnish and a scattering of light dings. Same high condition applies to the magazine. Bright bore with sharp rifling. Perfect manual mechanics. Overall, an excellent, all matching, high polish commercial SIG P210-1, that would please any collector. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!  Inv# I-207

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