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Mauser P38 SVW45, Waffen, Original

  • $ 4,95000

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Scarce and super desirable Mauser P38 coded SVW 45, all matching, and Waffen accepted in the correct “f” serial block. SN:2385f. Cal:9mmP. Standard configuration P38 with 5″ barrel, drift adjustable front sight and separable rear sight. Left side of slide marked “P.38 SVW/45”, followed by the serial number that is repeated with letter suffix on the barrel lug and on left side of the frame. WaA135 inspected. Right side of slide with usual triad of acceptances. Disassembly shows matching locking block. All parts phosphate finished, except for blued front sight, take down lever and safety, with black phenolic grips. Magazine with “P.38v” marking on the left side. This variation is detailed on page 35 and pictured on page 36 of The P.38 Pistol, Vol. II by Warren Buxton. CONDITION: Near excellent original condition with areas of thinning and spotting as per images as so frequently seen on these late war guns. No discernible touchup. Comparable condition grips and magazine. Near mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. Very, very few of the SVW 45 P38s were Waffenamt accepted, most having been captured by the French. A super rare all original gun that would be welcomed by any serious P38 collector. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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