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LeMat, Cartridge, Late, Cut for Stock. ANTIQUE!! #O-40

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Super rare late cartridge LeMat with round barrel, revised takedown axle, front strap without tensioning screw and factory cut for shoulder stock. SN: NSN. Cal: .44mm/20gauge. The last and most technically advanced version of the LeMat revolver was made in Belgium with production extending to the early 1880s. Several variations have appeared over the past several years, most in the white, a few blued. This blued example is unique in having a round rather than octagon barrel, a distinctly different takedown axle forward of the frame and a grip without a tensioning screw. The backstrap is factory notched and a looped tunnel added to the butt, similar in design to that found on the Bern 1882 revolver. Exact configuration detailed under French patent dated 1881 pictured in LeMat reference book.  The gun has a high blade front sight, groove in the frame above the hammer for a rear sight, central hammer selector switch, loading gates for each barrel, and smooth European walnut grips, secured with a transverse screw through a pair of escutcheons. A rotating lanyard is in front of the trigger guard and a combination punch/screwdriver is mounted on the butt.  The only markings on this pistol are the small initials “FW” on the right side of the frame. Another LeMat revolver, complete with a different type of shoulder stock, is currently on display at the WAR AND CULTURAL MUSEUM in Istanbul, Turkey. As reference, an image is included as part of our website listing. Condition: VG original condition with considerable fading and patchy oxidation as pictured. Modification for shoulder stock as previously detailed.  Original grips with left panel chipped at its upper leading edge. Bores are bright with etching and minor pitting as typical for this era firearm. Perfect manual mechanics. A wonderful and unique LeMat revolver well suited for the most advanced collection. ANTIQUE!!!    A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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