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Mauser 1934 w/ Mauser Banner grip

  • $ 95000

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Exceptionally nice late Mauser 1934, high polish salt blue, all matching, w/ molded hard rubber Mauser banner grip. SN: 555644. Cal. 7.65mm. Standard configuration with 3.4” barrel having half moon front sight and drift adjustable rear sight. Left side of slide marked with full serial number followed by single line address. The caliber and “D.R.P.u.A.P.” marking is on the right side of the slide. The broad Mauser banner logo appears on the sideplate and on each side of the grip. The Crown/Crown/U proof appears behind the rear sight and on the right side of the barrel lug. Unmarked magazine with in-the-white body and rust blued floorplate having a squared toe. High quality chocolate brown holster that is unmarked. No spare magazine. Condition: At least 99% bright original salt blue including the recoil spring guide, rear sight, extractor, trigger, and magazine release. Grip screws remain fire blued. Original grip is in the same condition as the pistol except for small missing chip at right upper corner. Comparable condition magazine, probably from an earlier pistol. Mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. Excellent holster in the same condition as pistol. An outstanding rig.

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