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Japanese Type 94, Squareback, Matching, 20.5.

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Very late production Type 94 Squareback with slab short grips and matching magazine, 20.5 Date. SN: 70643. Cal: 8mm. Standard configuration late war Type 94 with usual Japanese characters on the left side of the frame. Right side with full serial number and 20.5 Date over arsenal symbols. Smooth slab mahogany grips. Late short pattern. Matching dotted magazine. Conditional: Excellent late war grayish blue finish with minimal sharp edge wear. Comparable condition grips with right grip screw marred. Comparable condition magazine. Slightly dull bore with shallow rifling. Trigger will not reliably engage sear though once cocked external pressure on sear will release firing pin. Safety lever blocks sear as intended. An excellent late war Type 94 having the most desirable features for a serious collector.   A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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