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High Polish Savage 1907, Late Features. A-958

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High condition, high polish Savage 1907 with later style rear sight and magazine release. SN: 184018. Cal: .32 ACP. Standard configuration with fixed front and ramped rear sight. Top of slide marked with a small two lined legend mentioning patent year, 1905. Suffixed with “CAL. 32/7.65M.M.”. In-the-white barrel without loaded indicator. Left side of frame marked with the safe/fire detents. Full serial number in front of frame. High polish midnight blue with color, case hardened trigger and magazine release. Checkered black plastic panels with the Savage Indian head. Correct unmarked magazine. Condition: Approximately 97% high polish midnight blue with wear as one would expect from light use. Comparable condition grips. VG magazine. Mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. A very nice high polish Savage, with late features, that should please any collector. A HISTORICAL INVESTMENT!  Inv#A-958.

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