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Galand Sport M1866 Sport Revolver with Shoulder, Stock 12mm.

  • $ 8,50000

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Exceedingly scare early Galand Sport Revolver, original configuration, having 8” barrel and attached rotatable shoulder stock. SN: 16955. Cal: 12mm. Standard open top Galand revolver with the very scarce 8” barrel (most barrels were later shortened). Single action/double action. Release lever at rear of trigger guard allows barrel/cylinder/extractor ring to open in a unique fashion, allowing more rapid reloads than contemporary handguns. The left side of this barrel is marked “GALAND/PARIS” with the full serial number on the left side of the frame. Assembly number “11” marked on the front of the cylinder and the rear of the extractor ring. The stock is attached to the uniquely reinforced backstrap, specifically made to accommodate the rotating stock, secured with a nut to the butt plate, that latches onto the left side of the frame. Once the main arm of the stock is in position, the short secondary arm can be rotated down for shoulder support. Smooth walnut panels. Lanyard ring present. Condition: Very good original rust blue finish showing no evidence of touchup or enhancement. Hammer and trigger, originally in the white, are now toned and stained. Comparable condition original grips. Bright bore with sharp rifling. Perfect manual mechanics. One of the most unique and charismatic revolvers from the late 19th century. ANTIQUE! A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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