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Finnish L-35 Lahti, Military, Late Variation. #C

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Scarce late variation, Series 3, military L-35 Lahti, one of the last to have been assembled circa 1944-45, with original SA marked magazine.  SN: 6682. Cal. 9mmP. According to the Jaeger Platoon website, referencing Series 3 pistols: “Peace of 1944 stopped production of new parts, but building L-35 pistols from existing parts continued to end of 1945. This post Continuation War production numbered about 1000 pistols (serial numbers around 5800 - 6800). Last L-35 pistol delivered to Finnish Armed Forces had serial number 6731.”  This standard configuration Series 3 military Lahti has a 4.75” barrel having drift adjustable front sight and fixed rear sight. “VKT” and “L-35” marked on top of slide surmounting boxed “SA”. Full matching serial numbers on left side of barrel extension, left side of frame and on top of bolt. Correct brown mottled plastic grips each molded with the VKT logo and secured with a single screw. Finnish Lahti magazine with an in-the-white body and blued floorplate marked with the boxed “SA”.  Condition:  Very good original blue with holster wear and spotting as photographed.  Excellent original grips having no splits or discernible losses. Comparable condition magazine with usual seam on left side below follower button channel.  Mirror bright bore. Perfect manual mechanics.  One of the scarcer Finnish military Lahti pistols.  A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!  #C 

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