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Erfurt, German Nazi Military Flare Gun, Rig.

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High condition Erma-Erfurt Nazi marked flare gun dated 1937, with original holster and Waffenamt marked cleaning rod. SN: 9569a. Cal: 26.5mm. Standard single barrel flare pistol without sights. Left side of frame marked “ERMA-ERFURT/1937”. Matching serial numbers on left side of barrel lug and frame. Right side of barrel, frame and barrel release with usual Waffenamt acceptances. Fitted with brown checkered Bakelite grips. Rotatable lanyard ring. High gloss composite holster with leather loops and straps. Inner lid manufacturer coded “fyg” (last two letters not clearly discernable) and dated 1942 over an inked acceptance. Cleaning rod marked “G.L.43” followed by the Waffenamt. Condition: Flare gun with over 90% black anodizing with holster wear in expected areas. Surprisingly nice grip straps and grips. Bright bore. Perfect manual mechanics. Near excellent holster with forward belt loop starting to separate and missing “D” ring.  No suggestion of restitching or touchup. An extremely nice and complete rig even though the holster and rod are dated a few years later than the pistol. #F-16

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