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DWM 1906 American Eagle Luger, 9mmP.

  • $ 3,95000

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Excellent 1906 American Eagle Luger, marked “GERMANY” for export, production limited to one of only 3000 pistols, with 4” barrel in 9mmP. SN: 25741. Cal. 9mmP. Standard configuration 1906 with drift adjustable front sight and fixed rear sight. Deeply impressed American Eagle over chamber and intertwined DWM monogram on middle toggle link. Full serial number is under barrel and forward frame with last two matching digits on all usually numbered small parts. Original rust blue on major components; takedown lever, trigger, extractor, safety and magazine release are strawed; grip screws and springs fire blued. Finely checkered walnut grips, matching, each numbered with “41”. DWM WWI magazine with tinned body and wood base numbered “1740”. At least 95% bright original rust blue with sharp edge wear and slight thinning on straps as one might expect from careful use. Comparable condition strawed parts, with the takedown lever, safety and mag release button having been touched up. Same general condition applies to the finely checkered, darkened grips. Good-very good military magazine. Bright bore with strong rifling, dull grooves. Perfect manual mechanics. A near excellent 1906 American Eagle in the scarce 9mmP, made for export. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! #C

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