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DWM 1906 AE Luger with Ideal Shoulder Stock.

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Charismatic M1906 American Eagle Luger with original grips and untouched Ideal shoulder stock. SN:47878. Cal: 7.65mm Luger. Standard configuration M1906 AE with 4.75” barrel having drift adjustable front sight and fixed rear sight. Bold American Eagle over chamber and intertwined DWM over middle toggle link. Barrel left side of receiver and left side of toggle with BU (G) proofing. Made for export as denoted by the “GERMANY” on front frame. Full serial number on forward frame is repeated under barrel (adjacent to the number “17228”-British rifle gauge corresponding to .30 caliber, seen on a small number of Prewar Commercial pistols, usually with BUG proofs) with the last two digits “78” on all appropriate small parts. Major parts rust blued. Takedown lever, trigger, safety, ejector and magazine release button are strawed. Fire blued pins and grip screws. Smooth original Ideal grips with metallic inner faces. Unmarked commercial magazine with tinned body and walnut plug. Ideal shoulder stock with blued frame and black holster. Upper portion of frame marked “PATENTS PENDING”. Condition: Approximately 95-97% original rust blue with muzzle and sharp edge wear as might be expected from careful use. 60-70% original straw though much of the straw has faded from the safety. Comparable condition magazine. Slightly dull bore with strong rifling. Perfect manual mechanics. Ideal grips with most original finish and minor handling marks. Frame with 60-70% faded blue. Holster with typical surface cracking, no splits or tears. Original stitching intact and functionally perfect. An extremely attractive 1906 American Eagle with the desirable Ideal holster-stock, as detailed on the C&R list. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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