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CZ, Duo, “Z” slide, Commercial. #A-1115

  • $ 45000

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CZ Model “Z”, basically a Duo pistol, made in 1952 with the later CZ logo grips. SN: 221706. Cal: 6.35mm. Standard configuration Duo with 2” barrel and slide with grooved sight channel. Left side of slide marked “Z AUT PISTOLE” followed by the caliber and manufacture in Czechoslovakia. Proofed in 1952. Full serial number on right side of slide. Salt blued pistol fitted with black CZ logo plastic grips, each secured with a single screw. Butt magazine release. Unmarked blued magazine drilled with five indicator holes and folded lips to secure base. Condition: Bright 97-98% original blue. Equally crisp grips and magazine. Mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. A very high condition and infrequently encounter post war CZ pocket pistol. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!  #A-1115

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