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CZ 27, Military, Phosphate finish, Nazi, Police marked.

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Late CZ 27 with standard features having rough milled slide with serial number on top and model/caliber information on the left side. SN:236605. Caliber: 7.65mm. In-the-white barrel with acceptance on exposed hood. Unmarked frame except for the Police Eagle/K on the left forward trigger guard. Strawed small parts including the extractor, trigger, hammer and grip screws. Chocolate brown grips molded with the encircled CZ logo within a field of fine checkering. Correct late war phosphated magazine with three indicator slots and blued base marked P. Mod 27. Condition: Original 97-98% phosphate finish with slightly more wear on the strawed parts, particularly the trigger. Comparable condition barrel and excellent grip without the usual chips at the forward base. Same condition applies to the magazine. Mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. One of the more difficult to find Police marked Nazi pistols. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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