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Colt Police Positive, First Year Production, Excellent!

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Super condition Colt Police Positive made in 1908 with midnight blue finish, peacock blued small parts and early hard rubber grips. SN: 26565. Cal: .38 S&W. Standard configuration pre WW1, Colt Police Positive with 4” barrel having round front sight and rear sight groove. Usual early Colt legend on top of barrel with modified two line address on left side that denotes model and caliber. Rampant Colt on sideplate. Inspector marking with proud edges. All matching serial numbers. Major components finished with the early midnight blue, peacock blue small parts with the sides of the hammer polished bright. Hard rubber Colt grips. Condition: At least 98% bright original Colt blue, no muzzle wear, minimal slight thinning at base of backstrap. Same condition applies to the heat treated small parts with minor spotting of the hammer on each side of the spur. Comparable condition, near new grips. Mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. It would be very difficult to improve upon this first year production Police Positive. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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