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Chicago Palm Pistol, Nickel Plated.

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The Chicago Firearms Company, established by Peter Finnegan, purchased the patent rights for the Protector Palm Pistol in 1892 and instituted several improvements to make the pistol more reliable. The company contracted with the Ames Sword Co to manufacture the pistols and deliver them in time for the opening of the Chicago’s World Fair in 1892. Although the Ames Sword Co failed to deliver as promised, 13,000 units were eventually completed and sold between 1894-1910, with all guns being made prior to 1898. This all-matching example (frame, cylinder and cover plate) is nickel plated with black hard gutta percha panels and intact lever attachment. SN: 11562. Cal. .32min-shot. Condition: At least 97% BRIGHT original nickel finish. Gutta percha panels and lever attachment are in comparable condition. Perfect manual mechanics. One of the most collectible and easily recognizable of the antique palm pistols. ANTIQUE!! A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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