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About Us

Leonardo M. Antaris MD - Managing Partner

Leonardo M. Antaris was born in Rochester, New York in late 1953.  He grew up in Princeton Jct., N.J. then a rural community strongly influenced by the presence of Princeton University.  The importance of education was constantly stressed by his father, a physicist working for the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator. 


As Antaris’ interest in the shooting sports grew, his academic background led him to explore the history and mechanics of firearms.  This study became a passion even as schooling led him into medicine. In 1971, he entered Northwestern University’s six-year Honors Program in Medical Education followed by an internship at the University of Wisconsin and an Ophthalmology residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  

Over the next few years, Antaris began to practice general Ophthalmology, his interest in firearms allowed him to publish Astra Automatic Pistols in 1988.  Over the next few years Antaris authored a number of articles covering a variety of pistols and became a regular contributor to the Blue Book of Gun Values.  Later acknowledgements appeared in Axis Pistols, Baskishe Pistolen & Revolver, The Belgian Browning Pistols, The Broomhandle Pistol 1896-1936, Central Powers Pistols, FN Browning Pistols, Imperial Lugers and their Accessories, Italian Small Arms, J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Suhl, Les Pistolets Astra, Luger: The Multinational Pistol, U.S. Military Automatic Pistols 1894-1920, U.S. Military Automatic Pistols 1920-1945, The World’s Assault Rifles, VIS Radom, and Vom Ursprung der Selbstladepistole. 

In 1988, Antaris set aside general Ophthalmology to pursue a vitreoretinal fellowship at West Virginia University.  He subsequently relocated to Iowa and set up Quad Cities Retina Consultants.  In addition to maintaining a rigorous practice, his continued interest in Spanish firearms prompted him to publish Star Firearms in 2001 and expand upon his earlier work with Astra Firearms and Selected Competitors in 2012.  That same year, Antaris began to catalog selected European firearms for the prestigious James D. Julia auction house of Fairfield , ME.  His responsibilities included guns from the Ralph Merrill collection and those from the even better known Joseph J. Schroeder, Jr. and Goeffrey Sturgess collections.

In 2015, Antaris and his long-time business manager Deborah L. Curran set up a new company, Historic Investments, LLC, dedicated to the importation and resale of investment grade firearms and accessories. He is currently involved in writing a new reference text devoted to the Mauser C96 pistol and its competitors and remains in a number of organizations including the NRA (life member for over 30 years, now with endowment status), OGCA (over 30 years) and Milan Rifle Club (over 20 years).


Deborah L. Curran - Director, Imports and Sales

Deborah L. Curran was born in Ottumwa, Iowa in August , 1956. Always a hard worker, Curran managed to combine a 40 hour work week with her High School curriculum. Afterwards, while working for St. Luke’s hospital, she took medical billing and accounting courses, prompting her move into medical administration.

For the past 25 years she has been the office manager at Quad Cities Retina Consultants, receiving leadership accolades through RetNet, an organization of managerial peers where she is on the Board of Directors.

Having worked closely with Antaris for so many years, it was only natural that Curran would want an effective role in Historic Investments.  Given her attention to detail and facility with accounting software, she is now responsible for most administrative duties, specifically overseeing imports and sales.