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Walther Stainless Steel Single Barrel Flare Gun.

  • $ 5,50000

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Highly desirable and very scarce Walther single barrel stainless steel flare pistol, WWII Nazi Navy, super condition. SN: 1210. Cal: 26.5mm. Standard configuration with 9” barrel. Left frame has the standard two line Walther address, complete with banner, that details 1939 production. Followed by Kriegsmarine acceptance. Safety detents marked “Sicher” and “Feuer”. Right side of barrel and receiver with additional acceptance. Loaded indicator. Smooth wooden forend with forward lip to prevent slippage. Checkered wood panels. Condition: Bright stainless steel with minimal surface scuffs. Comparable condition furniture with oil staining and scattered dings. Mirror bright bore. Perfect manual mechanics. One of the most impressive and rarest Walther flare pistols from WWII.  A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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