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Danish 1865 Military Revolver, Holster, Original Ammo.

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Very scarce Danish Military M1865 folding trigger revolver, converted from pinfire to centerfire in 1897, issued until 1919. Complete with original holster dated “11”, strap and six rounds of Original Wood Core Ammunition. SN: 267. Cal: 12.0mm. Standard configuration 1865 revolver with 5” barrel, fixed front and notched rear sight. Single action with rotating safety mounted on back of recoil shield acting to block hammer fall. Early folding trigger configuration; distinct rotating lanyard ring behind hammer on top strap. All parts matching to the number “267”. Originally made as a pinfire with later armory centerfire conversion. Complete with brown leather holster whose lid is marked “Crown/11” reflecting year of issue. Missing securing strap. Separate flap covered band holding six loaded wood core cartridges. Cartridge head unmarked. Original shoulder strap. Condition: Revolver in good condition with most blue having faded. Stronger blue on cylinder, safety and in a few protected areas. Remnants of fire blue on sides of trigger. Bright bore with surprisingly strong rifling. Perfect manual mechanics. Near excellent holster with supple leather, lid restitched and missing strap, that deserves a better gun. One of very, very few military revolvers with folding trigger, virtually NEVER offered with such a nice holster and original wood core ammunition. Referenced in the Muller two book set of European Military Revolvers pages 84-85. ANTIQUE!  A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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