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Llama Especial, Immediate Post War, AS NEW! #A-1177

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Gorgeous, essentially untouched, full size “Llama” Especial made by Gabilondo y Cia in 1946 with WWII era type grips and attractive finger support on front strap. SN: 111148. Cal: 9mmP. Standard configuration “Llama” Especial with 4.75” barrel, fixed front sight and drift adjustable rear sight. Left side of slide marked with two line Llama address denoting location and caliber. Right side of slide marked with “Llama” Especial. Proofing triad including the year code “Q” reflecting production in 1946 on left side of frame with the automatic pistol proof repeated at rear of left slide and on exposed barrel hood. Full serial number on right side of frame. Thumb safety with red dotted fire detent. Fitted with the early pattern checkered grips, that leave large diamonds around the screws, just as per the Nazi Star Model B pistols. Lanyard ring at the bottom of the left frame. Butt marked ”Made in Spain”. Button release magazine drilled with seven indicator holes and an unmarked floorplate. Condition: Virtually new. Negligible sharp edge wear around barrel bushing but no discernible wear or thinning on any other portion of the pistol. Old congealed grease in some of the recessed areas. Grips are just as new as the rest of the gun. Excellent magazine. Mirror bright bore. Perfect manual mechanics. A real time capsule from the 1940s. You will never find a better example of this pistol. If you want the best, a large frame unusual Llama that has features from the WWII era, this is your opportunity. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! Inv # A-1177.

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