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Gyrojet, Mark I, Model B, MBA, Cased.

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Very desirable Gyrojet, Mark I, Model B made by MBA in original case with Goddard medallion, 10 Gyrojet rocket rounds and original bill of sale that corresponds to personalized lid plaque. SN: B106. Cal: 13mm. Standard configuration Gyrojet pistol with black enameled frame, chrome plated small parts and smooth wood grips. Left side of frame marked “Mark I, Model B, 13mm, GYROJET, Serial No. B106”. Frame molded with the usual MBA Associates address on left side and “ Patent Pending” on right side. Walnut presentation case with personalized plaque on lid stipulating MBA/ Gyrojet Rocket Handgun/ownership. Inside the case is Goddard plaque surrounded by 10 rounds of ammunition; 5 rounds with round nose, 5 rounds conical nose. Three of the rounds have slightly dented primers suggesting attempted but faulty ignition. Complete with original bill of sale that includes serial number and the comments “Extra Good Finish” and “Special Plate Inscription”. Condition: Pistol near excellent with all original black enamel paint. Comparable or better condition small parts and grips. Narrow sectional gap at front of trigger guard. Perfect manual mechanics. Original rocket rounds, slightly oxidized, with three defective primers.  Excellent case and bill of sale. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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