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Beretta M1935 Rig, dated 1937 with Holster, Spare Magazine and Military Property Tag

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Attractive Beretta M1935 with plum slide dated 1937.  Complete with two finger extension magazines, brown commercial holster and a property tag dated 1946.  SN:  431368.  Cal: 7.65mm.  Standard configuration Beretta M1935 with plum slide having two line address on left side marked with the year 1937.  Left side of frame mounted with rotating safety having detents marked “S” and “F”.  Left tang with triad of commercial proofs.  Full serial number appears on the right side of the slide and frame.  Proofed barrel is numbered “0319”.  Fitted with standard “PB” marked black plastic grips with metal back.  Complete with two original finger extension magazines and chocolate brown holster whose flap is secured with a pull through strap and single belt loop on back.  Condition:  Near excellent original bright blue finish with the plum slide providing a striking contrast. Comparable condition front and back straps and grips. Excellent original magazines. Supple leather holster with staining over lid and front spine.   A very attractive Pre War commercial rig, even better when coupled to the property tag, underscoring a military background/post-war souvenir.    A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! 

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