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Beretta M1934, High Polish, Nazi, Matching, Holster

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Super Condition high polish Beretta M1934 with scarce AA suffix, well documented to have been made under Nazi occupation. SN: 1897AA. Cal. 9mmC (.380 ACP). Standard configuration Beretta M1934 with fixed front sight and a drift adjustable rear. Marked on the left side of the slide with two line address, all letters in capitals, denoting caliber and year of manufacture in 1943. Italian acceptance on left tang. Full serial number on right side of barrel lug, right slide, and right frame with AA suffix marked on the slide and frame. Standard metal backed plastic grips and finger extension magazine. Condition: Approximately 97-98% high polish salt blue showing minimal sharp edge and handling wear. Comparable condition grip straps that have started to thin. Comparable condition grips. Magazine with broadly serrated toe. Mirror bore. Perfect manual mechanics. Excellent Beretta M1934 holster with incomplete oval ink stamp inside lid. Superficial scuffs consistent with light service use. An excellent Nazi occupation Beretta M1934 Rig, missing spare magazine in the scarce AA serial range. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! #A814

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