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Finnish Lahti, L-35, Military, Special Series, SUPER RARE!

  • $ 9,95000

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Extraordinarily scarce first variation L-35 Lahti, military configuration, in narrow but well documented three digit serial range, fewer than 50 made in 1939 for presentation and gifts . SN: 032.  Cal. 9mmP. Standard configuration first variation military configuration Lahti with 4.75” barrel having drift adjustable front sight and fixed rear sight. “VKT” and “L-35” marked on top of slide that has the prominent rounded protrusion in front of rear sight. Full matching serial number on left side of slide, left side of frame and on top of bolt. Correct brown mottled plastic grips each molded with the VKT logo and secured with a single screw. Correct magazine with an in-the-white body (no SA marking) and blued floorplate. According to one source, with the exception of 5 pistols later purchased by the military during the Winter War, the rest were used as presentations and gifts. Import marked on butt. Condition: Original salt blue estimated at 90% with wear in expected areas from moderate use.  Bright bore with strong rifling. Perfect manual mechanics.   Clearly, the most recognizable Finnish Lahti, especially in the virtually unknown “0” series range with all the earliest features desired by collectors.   A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!  For more information click here.

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