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French Guycot 40-shot Chain Pistol, ANTIQUE

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This super rare and ultra exotic Guycot chain pistol, one of the first high capacity “assault pistols,” was the development of two Frenchmen, Henri Guenot and Paulin Gay in 1879. It was chambered for a unique 6.5mm caseless rocket ball type cartridge, .24 caliber, in which the base of the bullet was hollowed out to contain the propellant powder and a primer, as used in the Volcanic. Upon firing, the entire projectile exited, leaving nothing to be extracted or ejected from the chamber. Unfortunately for Guycot’s military aspirations, this cartridge was far too small and underpowered to attract serious interest and only a few hundred were made, many fewer surviving. These were divided between several models, including a 25-shot pistol, a 40-shot pistol like this one, and an 80-shot carbine. The pistols had a reciprocating barrel within a twelve sided sleeve. When the chain was rotated into firing position the barrel retracted to fit over the bullet and propellent, minimizing gas leakage, to attain a higher bullet velocity. A bead front sight was mounted on top of the frame while the dust cover was notched to act as a rear sight. A rotating safety was mounted to the left side plate and the pistol had a folding trigger. The only marking is on the butt, stamped “B”/58. Fitted with walnut checkered panels secured with a single transverse screw. This particular example has been fitted with a plexiglass cover plate to better show the function of the safety, chain rotation and striker-fire operation. A detailed review may be seen in the Forgotten Weapons video click here . Condition: Impressive, presenting as lightly cleaned with sharp edges. Loading port moves smoothly and is well secured. Perfect manual mechanics, the firing pin, now retracted, has been wrapped with a silicone sleeve to minimize operational trauma if pushed further forward. A wonderful Guycot pistol whose viewing window and 40-shot capacity is sure to impress your fellow collectors. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! ANTIQUE!  #C

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