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Bergmann M1896 No. 3, ANTIQUE!

  • $ 5,25000

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Excellent original condition standard configuration late Bergmann M1896 No. 3 with screw in barrel, long flute, extractor, and full grip. SN: 1632. Cal: 6.5mm. This configuration pistol was originally manufactured in 5mm, 6.5 mm and later 8mm cartridges, with a total production of about 2500 pistols. Major components with rust blue finish. Hammer, trigger, safety retainer and screws strawed. Safety fire blued. No retailer markings on barrel. Usual Crown/Crown U on left side of barrel and receiver. Patent markings on left frame. The Bergmann logo is on the sideplate and the serial number on the right side of the frame, just ahead of the rotating magazine cover. Checkered walnut grips. Fixed lanyard loop at bottom of frame. Condition: At least 97% original rust blue with sharp edge wear in expected places. Comparable or better condition small parts whose strawing and fire blue has been enhanced. Excellent original grips with blunted checkering. Bright bore with sharp rifling. Magazine follower rides high and needs to be depressed to close bolt. Manual mechanics otherwise perfect. An extremely nice Bergmann M1896 No.3 that should please any collector of early automatic pistols. ANTIQUE! A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! Check out our website.  #O-33

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