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Extraordinarily impressive J. Manville tear gas gun, made in Pontiac, MI, with 18 shot capacity. Startling visual effect and optimal crowd control, well known to movie buffs. SN: 908. Cal: 25MM. Introduced in 1935, the guns were manufactured 12ga, 25MM and 37MM. Steel inserts were available to convert to larger 25MM to fire 12ga buckshot loads, an action later deemed illegal and unlawful under the Public Safety Act of 1934. The company closed in 1933 after Charles J. Manville ordered all drawings, remaining weapons, parts, jigs and tooling to be destroyed. Made of aircraft aluminum with 2-piece “Manville” monogram plastic grips. Cylinder winds against a large counter-spring, allowing the weapon to fire semiautomatically. Safety at rear. CONDITION: VG-Excellent with faded barrel and dulling aluminum furniture. Grips, bore and mechanics are excellent. An incredible item, sure to impress your friends, neighbors and anyone else who sees this monstrous weapon! A HISTORIC INVESTMENT! #C

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